Board of Directors

MarsDrive Executive Team

Chief Executive

Frank Stratford (Melbourne, Australia)


Frank Stratford lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. His interests and skills were focused on the subjects of space exploration since the age of 8 when the space shuttle first started operating. Frank started work at an early age and following 15 years running his own business in horticulture and design he went onto senior level management experience within the automotive technology industry with his own company before moving into the IT and Retail sector in the position of Research & Development Manager at APS with qualifications in the Financial Services Sector. Parallel to this he had been active in training, sales and marketing creative roles for several companies.

His intense interest in space and Mars lead him to leadership roles at 'Red Colony' and the 'Mars Society' where from Red Colony in 2005 he founded 'MarsDrive' and has been working diligently at overcoming the issues that hold humanity back from a potential future in space. Along with organizing for such events as ISDC or lecturing at Mars Society conferences he has also been published in articles and a recent book on Mars and space exploration, some of which can be found in publications like Australian 'Sky and Telescope', "Metro UK", 'The Space Review' and 'Red Colony'. On the subject of what we can do to get into space Frank has stated, "The future of our expansion into space and onto Mars is really up to each of us as individuals. If there remains no generation to step up to make the decision to go, who will?" As CEO of MarsDrive his vision is to see a crewed Mars mission and settlements within the next two decades with a focus on enabling cheap access to space.

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MarsDrive U.S.A

Public Outreach Director

Hal E. Fulton

Hal was born and reared in Mississippi. One of his earliest memories is watching Apollo 8 on television (and, of course, the later missions also). All the members of his family were interested in space (and his father is ex-Air Force), but he caught the bug more than anyone else. He still owns a poster from his older brother, a pre-Mercury era poster entitled "How Man Will Get Into Space and Back Again."

In college, he started as a physics major but eventually switched to computer science. After getting his master's degree, he taught computer science for four years at the community college level. At that point, he moved to Austin, Texas, where he currently resides and works as a computer programmer for a large telecom firm.

He is the author of _The Ruby Way_, now in its second edition, which was the second book in English on the Ruby programming language. He has far too many hobbies, including photography, painting, programming for fun, and writing fiction.

He is determined to do his part to see humans land on Mars within his lifetime.


MarsDrive Director of Engineering:

Ron Cordes

Ron CordesRon is president of CFM Inc and a newly retired engineer with extensive experience in propulsion and trajectory simulation. With a Batchelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and graduate studies in systems engineering and engineering management and working on vehicle simulations for NASA's Apollo Program plus decades of executive level management in project software Ron joined the team earlier in 2007 and hopes to help us bring our mission plan from paper to reality in coming years.

All interested mission designers should contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it for further information.He worked at NASA MSFC Michoud in Saturn vehicle flight dynamics modeling and trajectory simulation.Simulation work on NERVA (classified).Preliminary conceptual design team, post-Saturn re-usable or inexpensive expendable launch vehicles.

Canadian Director:

Randall Shelaga

Randall Shelaga

Randy Shelaga joined MarsDrive as a Founders Circle member in 2007 and has over twenty years of experience in Aerospace Engineering ranging from the design of flight test installations to structures and systems installations for military aircraft, regional airliners and business jets. Currently, he is the Manager, Airworthiness for SPAR Aerospace Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta. In his spare time, he enjoys being outdoors looking at the night sky, wondering when man will travel to Mars. As a child, he watched man first orbit the earth and step on the moon, as an adult he shared in the loss of the Challenger and Columbia crews. He is also a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Edmonton Centre). In 1998 when he read "The Case for Mars" this childhood love of astronomy and space exploration was renewed and fast became a passion. This passion has since grown; he was the Chief Engineer and Phase 2 Commander for MSC's Expedition Alpha (MDRS Crew 30) and most recently, Surface Exploration Systems Engineer for Expedition Three. In February 2008, he will Command Expedition Epsilon, the fifth MSC Training Mission. He continues to seek ways to increase his involvement with Mars Analogue Research.

Systems Administrator

Dale Rogers (Australia)

Dale RogersA childhood in rural Texas gave Dale the zest for the great outdoors, a healthy respect of Mother Nature, an ability to survive 100 degrees days and freezing nights in red rocks and an amazing panaroma of the milkyway to contemplate each night.

He attended the University of Texas and the University of North Texas. Completed degrees in Psychology and Anthropology. Almost comitted himself to a forensic anthropology career before CSI and Crime novels made it a glamor job (although, from experience, opening a box of half decayed bones found in the middle of a cornfield and having to bat away flies and dermested beetles certainly didn’t fit his definition of glamor).

Dale met an Australian gal and travelled downunder for a 12 month holiday. That was 10 years, 2 children and a Masters degree ago. He's still living in Oz and has completed a Masters of Public Administration through the Australia New Zealand School of Governments. He is currently employed within the government as a program manager. He divides his time between work, family and advocating for the space industry in Australia



Although she now lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Caitlin is a born and bred Texan.  After attending the University of Texas, receiving degrees in Public Relations and Business, she moved to Minnesota to continue her studies.  Her graduate work emphasizes communicating science to a mass public in the age of technology.  Outside of school, Caitlin has worked at a number of in-house non-profit agencies and is currently a freelance marketer.

 Caitlin’s interest in space began at a young age: the first book she ever read (and memorized!) was a children’s book about the solar system.  She chose to concentrate on communication and writing as a career, but still found herself continuously visiting the astronomy department. In addition to – or despite - her degrees, Caitlin has maintained her connection with science and has been published in the Astrophysical Journal.

 Caitlin firmly believes that outreach and public support are key to the success of the space industry.  To achieve that end, it’s important that the space community be aware, deliberate and purposeful with the messages that they give to the public.   In an age where technology is a vital part of everyday life and messages travel quickly, it’s more important than ever to be cognizant of how the media operate and how people consume information. Abraham Lincoln put it succinctly: “Public sentiment is everything. With it nothing can fail. Without it nothing can succeed."

 In addition to her work in communication and science, Caitlin is also an equestrienne and competitive ballroom dancer.